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Teeth Cleaning & Periodontal Therapy

Maintaining the health of your teeth is our first priority. We are here to educate, maintain, and then if necessary repair your teeth.

At Advanced Aesthetic, Restorative & Family Dentistry our dental hygienists are highly trained to perform routine teeth cleanings known as prophylaxis, halting the development of periodontal disease. Additionally, they can perform more advanced periodontal therapy including debridement, the removal of dead tissue, and deep pocket scaling and root planing to remove bacteria from below the gum line and smooth roots to help prevent future issues. Our office is proud that our dental professionals are greatly skilled in both traditional hand instrumentation and are equally accomplished in ultrasonic technology.

Dental Cleanings generally involve the following steps:

Our autoclave that keeps all our dental instruments clean.
•  We will first review your prior dental history.
•  Starting with dental x-rays, we will review for any hidden problems.
•  Measure the depth of gum pockets.
•  Remove plaque or hardened tartar or calculus.
•  Review if additional work, namely Scaling and Root Planing is necessary.
•  A final floss and rinse followed with polishing to remove surface stains.
•  A fluoride treatment may be recommended by Dr. Bell.

Dr. Bell, along with our entire dental practice aims to ensure our patients are comfortable at all times during treatment. We know that together, we can make this a comfortable experience for every member of your family, and we want that because maintaining the health of your teeth matters. Our dental hygienists are locally recognized for their gentle touch and true diligence to always exceed patient expectations and ensure every experience is as relaxing as possible! For patients who are anxious about treatment, we offer local or topical anesthetic for their comfort, as well as sedation with nitrous oxide.

For more information on dental cleanings, and any portion of it including root planing and scaling, contact Ian Bell, DDS, at our Bellevue, WA office. 425-243-5111
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