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Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Have A Cold?

Posted on 7/25/2016 by Janie Bell
A man suffering from a severe cold.Colds can be miserable for so many reasons, one of which is oddly, pain in your teeth. Typically not a direct pain, more of an achy, dull pain felt all over.

Along with ear pain and sinus pain, patients frequently report tooth pain. It doesn't seem to make sense, so why do people feel pain in their teeth from a cold?

Sinus pressure and tooth pain

Tooth pain due to sinus pressure can be spotted by knowing a couple of attributes. Your sinus floor happens to share the same general area as your upper jaw, meaning, your upper premolars and molars as well as their nerves, are close to the inflamed sinus.

Sinuses generally inflame with a person is battling a cold, and that's why so many patients report their teeth and gums being sore or achy when their sick. A couple of tips to spot if this is what is occurring include:

•  You are experiencing pain in your upper jaw, and it is more than one tooth that is feeling pain, this is likely due to sinus pressure.
•  Sinus pressure will apply pressure to multiple teeth, not a single tooth.

Ear pressure and tooth pain

Another area that can cause tooth pain, is pressure in your ears. Inflammation in your ears, either due to infection, or excess fluid applying pressure, can cause discomfort to your back molar teeth. Patients have requested appointments fearing that their back teeth are in serious trouble, when in reality, it has been pressure from their ears that is causing this pain.

When battling a cold, we recommend removing the pressure through blowing your nose, or taking over the counter cold medications, expectorant and most importantly, rest. With time, many of these issues should be resolved.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your oral health during a cold.

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