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Do You Have a Fissured Tongue?

Posted on 4/25/2016 by Janie Bell
A man covering his mouth because, he’s suffering from a fissured tongue!Is your tongue starting to develop grooves on it? This condition is known as a fissured tongue, and it can give your tongue a wrinkled appearance.

Sometimes called a scrotal or grooved tongue, this condition can cause many grooves or a single groove that runs down your tongue before branching off. In the U.S., the problem affects 2-5% of the population.

Causes of a Fissured Tongue

There are a variety of causes of a fissured tongue. Many people are born with the problem, especially people with conditions like Down syndrome or Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome. Poor nutrition or infection could also be the cause of a fissured tongue.

Signs and Symptoms of a Fissured Tongue

Fortunately, a fissured tongue is harmless and generally doesn't have any symptoms other than the altered appearance. However, if the grooves are extremely deep, you may experience a burning sensation if you eat certain foods, and they can also provide an environment for bacteria to accumulate.

Prevention and Treatment of a Fissured Tongue

If you are concerned about a fissured tongue, the only real steps that you can take in order to prevent the problem is to ensure that you are eating a healthy diet.

There are also no known treatments available, but if you experience negative side effects, such as burning of the tongue, you can take steps to mitigate them. Stay away from foods or beverages that aggravate your tongue, and make sure that you are brushing your tongue when cleaning your teeth in order to clean the grooves.

A fissured tongue is likely something that you are going to have to live with, but it shouldn't cause you pain or discomfort. If you notice changes to your mouth or tongue that become concerning, or if you are experiencing pain, contact our office to set up an appointment for an evaluation.
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